A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A year or two ago I released a game called something like "soup is really good" or whatever. This is a rejigged version of that, for Linux and Windows. There are two modes of play and there isn't a score or objective - unlike the original, this is a kind of non-game, or "software toy". 

Both downloads are 64 bit only. I haven't been able to test the Linux version myself, but someone has got it working on their Linux PC. The Windows one seems to be okay. Please note there is a bug where sometimes the ball will simply fall endlessly without bouncing off one of the initial platforms - press ESC to return to the front screen if that happens, so you can try again.


bipsibop win64 v0.0.2.1.zip 101 MB
bipsibop linux64 v0.0.2.1.zip 117 MB

Install instructions

Unzip to a suitable folder and run the executable.

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