This is a game inspired by soup 0.9, which itself was inspired by LSD Dream Emulator. If you've played soup 0.9 before, you know roughly what to expect. If not... just try bumping into the walls and see what happens.

The main differences between this and soup 0.9 is that the rooms are fully randomised, and that the game will not abruptly end. Broth 0.5 keeps going until you've had enough of it, and decide to quit of your own accord.

The controls are a standard WASD / mouse setup. Whether you're playing in the browser or running the Windows executable, you'll most likely want to click within the game window to make things easier for yourself. Pressing ESC after doing so will uncapture the cursor.

All the wall images are taken from VHS rips of various British TV recordings, from the early 80s up until the late 90s. All the images located in the middle of each room are taken from a 90s CD ROM of clip art.

Broth is almost the same thing as soup, but differs slightly from the latter by being both quite thin in consistency and having a certain lightness of flavour. It is also sometimes used as the starting point for another dish, like a stew.

Produced in Construct 3 using the basic 3D functionality.


Download 22 MB
Download 16 MB

Install instructions

At the moment, Broth 0.5 is only available for Windows. Any versions of that OS below 10 might not like this. To run, unpack the zip file somewhere suitable and double click the EXE file.

Development log


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lovely to see that someone else remembers the wonderful lil art piece that was SOUP. your version is considerably more unnerving to me though purely thanks to that constant noise drone and the rather abrupt room changes. love it on many levels bc of that!