A very short text adventure, produced using PunyInform. Running in fullscreen is strongly recommended!

Also available as a seperate .z3 file, to be run using Frotz or any other suitable Z-Machine interpreter. If you can manage it, it should also be executable on certain 8-bit / 16-bit machines such as DOS PCs, C64s, 128K ZX Spectrums, and others.

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AuthorMichelle Lyons


odt2.z3 32 kB

Install instructions

Frotz is the interpreter most recommended for .z3 files. Binaries are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as all kinds of systems you'd never think of: https://davidgriffith.gitlab.io/frotz/


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no fucking way dude. no fucking way you're chriddof lmao. (i'm transfem myself, so this is more in surprise than like negativity)

g you're one of my childhood heroes when it comes to weird shit. i used to watch your vids as a kid thinking that no actual human could make this. salute to yu mane

Thank you! I must admit it always amazes me to see that I've had some kind of influence on people, but it is an honour!

I'm still making the odd thing here and there on Youtube as well. It's not as high energy as before, and I focus more on original music uploads, but you may get a kick out of some of it. Here's my current channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEty5DCSv87jbZ9sbfvjQ4w

ye, no problem mane. i also wanna congratulate yu on finding yourself n stuf, as a transfem artist myself :3 finding out that i wasn't a man was probably one of the things that saved my life