"Sour Alan is a disgusting little freak. Type in a single word to make him do something."

How many words will Sour Alan recognise? How will he carry them out?

Loosely inspired by Podd for the BBC Micro, and memories of people in my class inevitably typing in rude words. This is more of an experiment in programming Inform than a game, and it's a particuarly gross one, I must admit. Sorry in advance.

(This is not 100% completed in that some input error trapping has not been implemented - such as recognising that more than one word has been typed, for example. In line with the original Podd program, the amount of potential words that generate actions are quite small, but number more than Podd itself.)


Sour Alan.gblorb 573 kB

Install instructions

This file requires a modern-day interactive fiction interpreter to run. On Windows, one recommended app to run this in is Windows Glulxe. Other interpreters for other platforms also exist - see this page: https://www.ifwiki.org/Glulx_interpreters

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